The ghost of Lohr castle has returned for his summer holidays

This time he is taking Kirklees Media students to gain work experience in Germany, filming everyday scenes for language teaching. The crew all from Kirklees Media school comprise :

James Cigan
Greg Walker
Hannah Duelle
Chloe Charles

The four students have had their first day of filming and impressed everyone with their professionalism and team work.

They filmed a number of local residents including: the town mayor, the tourist office and various locals who
run various businesses including restaurants, including an ice cream cafe.

The students then had a bit of time off to go to the local outdoor swimming pool and slide complex.

Tomorrow evening they will have further experience of the German traditions by watching an oom pah band
where the local residents and tourists climb on the benches to sing to the music celebrating their beer festival.

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Filming at the supermarket
take me to the river