Petchy – Alicante March 2017

The students are having a lovely time in Alicante, making the most of every minute and behaving as excellent Petchey ambassadors. All of them have started their work experience and seem to be enjoying it. Their Spanish skills are improving very quickly as they are constantly exposing themselves to daily challenges and conversations. We had a great time yesterday during the Salsa Class and we’ll be having a second session next week due to its success! We’ll be attending a Flamenco Show tonight and Ms Rodriguez is taking over Ms Pedrazzi from tomorrow morning. The weather’s been fantastic until today which is cloudy and chilly!

-Every afternoon there was a cultural excursion to further broaden their understanding of life in Spain including several museums about the religious festivals, world famous chocolate and turrón, as well as Spain’s largest and deepest caves, paella making and a Salsa class! The students behaved with great maturity throughout the trip and were excellent Petchey ambassadors abroad. 

– Mr Terol